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Site Survey

Before the installation or manufacturing of signage begins, the professionals at SPESCO complete a thorough survey of your sign location. We look at all applicable code regulations, types of fascia surface and mounting considerations, dimensions of existing signs and tenant panels, electrical concerns and visibility observations regarding both traffic and possible visual obstructions. Then site photos are taken to ensure correct sizing and placement issues are addressed with all parties concerned: customer, city, and landlord. At San Pedro Electric Sign Company we know eliminating delays and surprises is essential to both customer satisfaction and a quality installation.



Because of the unique characteristics of individual signs, along with their intended installation locations, permitting, engineering and landlord approval can become a series of complex tasks. SPESCO has the knowledge to navigate through the complex environment of local codes, permits, and variances to assure our customers the largest and most effective signage allowed in respective jurisdictions.

Save yourself time and frustration by allowing SPESCO to handle these time consuming, often frustrating details of your installation..

Illustration & Graphic Design Services

Our illustration, graphics and design team can create your visual image with in-house computerized custom design services using existing artwork, or your blueprints. Complete scaled drawings illustrate not only design, but construction and engineering specifications as well. Custom manufacturing of all types of signage offers a vast array of visual techniques to be seen and remembered.

Our services incorporate every aspect of sign design, beginning with an initial contact with one of our design consultants, and proceeding to conceptual sketches, scaled drawings and final blueprints. We can design original logos and artwork, or adapt your existing logo or letterhead to fit into a sign program structured to meet your specific needs.

Manufacturing and Fabrication Services

Our focus on quality is evident when you see any finished product from San Pedro Electric Sign Company. Quality materials, computer driven fabrication, and accurate assembly are the ingredients we utilize to deliver the highest quality product available in to our customers.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the finest state of the art automated sign fabrication equipment. Through efficient utilization of our manufacturing processes, we are able to offer both large scale production flows as well as one of a kind custom sign production.

We have full manufacturing capabilities in the following areas:

  • Aluminum extrusion and sheet metal cabinet fabrication
  • Custom vinyl graphic application
  • Channel letter manufacturing with multiple illumination options
  • In house custom neon creation

Let the professionals at San Pedro Electric Sign Company create the sign with the signature look you demand. Whether we are manufacturing for multiple locations around the country or a single location around the corner, you can expect only the finest quality manufacturing and illumination from San Pedro Electric Sign Company.

Sign Installation 

Our installation crews are experts in a full range of sign applications. With our fleet of vehicles and advanced installation equipment, we can handle installation of any sign, of any size, at any location. We can install interior and exterior sign systems at any type of location: supermarkets, multi-story office buildings, banks, airports, civic centers, shopping plazas, entertainment centers and much more.


Sign Maintenance  

Your sign is the first thing your customers see. A poorly maintained sign sends the wrong message to your customers. Your sign takes a beating from the weather and inevitably requires maintenance. Illuminated signs contain electrical components that need to be maintained also. Sign cleaning is recommended to keep your sign looking brand new.

Our service technicians are trained to diagnose quickly and to deliver fast accurate service to keep your sign in working order. Whether it's lamp replacement or a failure in ballast, our service vehicles carry a large inventory of items to handle any service problem.

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